This privacy statement is for Wolvenberg NV to inform you on how your personal data will be handled.

WOLVENBERG takes the protection of your personal data seriously. The necessary organisational and technical measures have to be taken to protect your data, inter alia, from loss, leaks, errors, wrongful access or unlawful processing.

The data will always be handled in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.


Headquarters: Mouterij 10A
2550 Kontich
Tel: +32 (0)3/458.71.71
Fax: +32 (0)3/458.71.72

  1. SCOPE
    This privacy statement applies to all services offered and all business conducted by Wolvenberg.

    The data that will be processed and the purposes for which they are processed, differ based on the relationship you have with Wolvenberg.

4.1 Website visitors
When visiting the website, cookies are stored. Please see thecookie policy for an overview of the potential cookies and their purposes.

4.2 Online shop visitors/customers
You can set up a profile on our online shop in which, apart from the required identification details, you can fill in and save a number of other personal data that will enhance your experience as a user of our online shop. You have full control over the data you wish to save on your profile. You can edit or erase these data yourself at any time.

4.3 Customers
To provide a proper service and have good customer relations, we will need to process certain personal data of our customers, such as identification and financial details.

The purposes for which these data will be processed are (i) fulfilling an agreement, (ii) keeping proper administration, (iii) complying with the legal requirements, (iv) informing customers about relevant news and promotions and (v) safeguarding Wolvenberg’s interests.

4.3 Suppliers
As part of a good commercial relationship with our suppliers, their data, such as identification and financial data, will also be stored.

For suppliers, the data will be stored for the purpose of (i) establishing and maintaining a good commercial relationship, (ii) fulfilling the agreement, (iii) complying with the legal requirements, (iv) safeguarding Wolvenberg’s interests.

4.4 Newsletter
You may subscribe to Wolvenberg’s newsletter. To be able to send the newsletter, we need to have certain personal data. The newsletter or promotions can be sent either based on express consent, or in certain cases on legitimate grounds.

4.5 Miscellaneous
Other parties’ data may also be processed because of legal requirements, fulfilling an agreement or legitimate grounds such as details of prospects, applicants, former employees, contacts etc.

    The data will be stored as a minimum for the duration of the agreement, the statutory storage period and/or the statutory limitation period, whichever is the longest.

If data is stored on legitimate grounds, they will be stored for as long as these legitimate grounds remain. This is unless the data subject objects in advance.

    As part of our work, we may call on specific processors such as IT service providers, external financial advisors, external legal advisors etc. The data may also, where necessary, be transferred to courts, public services, auditors etc.

These parties may store their data or transfer them to third countries.

    You have the right at all times to ask Wolvenberg for access and rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of the processing that pertains to you. You also have a right to object to the processing and the right to data portability.

    Any complaints, requests or comments may be addressed in writing (by e-mail, letter or fax) to:

Address: Mouterij 10A, 2550 Kontich
Fax: +32 (0)3/458.71.72

You may also at any time lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The contact details of the Belgian supervisory authority are:

Data Protection Authority
Address: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels

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